Gluten Free Pies

Gluten Free Pies now available

We have taken our best selling pies and made them Gluten Free

Apple Crumble Gluten Free Flour Pie

We have taken our best-selling sweet pie filling the Apple Crumble and made it for those who cannot eat gluten. The crumble is made with a gluten free flour and we make our own gluten free flour sweet dough for the pie crust. (We use 13 ingredients to make our dough)

Nutty Pecan Gluten Free Flour Pie

Our world famous Wholly Heavens Pecan Pie is not made in a Gluten Free Flour Sweet Dough. This is truly an awesome pie for those who crave that sweet nutty flavor that you only get form a Pecan Pie. (We use 13 ingredients to make our dough)

Pumpkin Spice Gluten Free Flour Pie


Our Pumpkin Pie has made 1000’s of home happy during the Thanksgiving time and even year round, but now those who have an issue with gluten can also enjoy what so many people say make the Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner so special, the pie. Made with our very own sweet gluten free flour pie dough for the crust. (We use 13 ingredients to make our dough)

Warning: This is not recommended for those suffering from Celiac Disease as the bakery does use gluten flour for other products.


Contact Us

If you have a question for RJ or want to know more about Tai Tai Pie Pies or any of our products, why don't just just contact "The Ultimate Pie Guy" R.J. Asher and the Pie Team?


Meet The Chef

Owner and Chef, R.J. Asher, has always been surrounded by a great food culture while growing up in Illinois, U.S.A. Never once did he come home from school without a piece of mouth-watering pie or the moistest piece of banana loaf waiting for him on the kitchen table as a snack. Imagine the home-cooked hearty dishes that were stewing away for dinner!

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